Funky Cold Medina

Jul 27, 2019, 07:18 PM

We are about to have fun on this one and get in our bag at the same time. Listen in as we discuss everything from Nicole Murphy's non sneaky ways to women fighting men. Also, we discuss jealousy and moving forward after cheating.

Hello Pancakes Family!!!! Lets Dive In:
Nicole Murphy Leaks Pics Of Her and Antoine Fuqua
Diddy is Dating His Son's Old Work?
Mahershala Ali is Blade
J Lo Turns 50
Meek Mill is Free and Clear
Tay K Gets 55 Years
Amazon Faces Backlash With White Model in Swimsuit
Bow Wow Does The Bow Wow Challenge Again
How To Handle A Woman Trying To Fight You
Should You Quit Your Job If Your Spouse Is Jealous Of Who You Work WIth?
More Relationship Content Brought To You By Sugar Hill and Dope Tomorrow

Let's Go People!!!