Blain's Financial Porridge July 28th 2019

Jul 28, 10:18 AM

Bill Blain is a leading market strategist - you can find his daily blogs on His latest book, The Fifth Horseman - How to destroy the global economy is on Amazon

Bill Blain talks through the current markets: Why Tesla's poor numbers and 10% stock crash might mean its a bad car maker today, but its changed the world and creates a massive problem for the current automotive dinosaurs. Overpriced today but undervalued for tomorrow? Then in an an interview with Serial Entrepreneur and Leave Campaigner Martin Banbury we look at the Boris Johnson feel-good effect as he becomes new UK prime minister - can it be sustained? The Tech Sector giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple have driven stock prices higher, but how dangerous is over-regulation? And finally, how attractive will Europe look if it can solve Fiscal Policy! 
Next week its going to be about the Federal Reserve!