EP 78: A Duo of Beckys

Jul 29, 2019, 01:00 PM
Welcome to ShambleFest!  Here we are in year 3!  Enjoy our first episode of weekly WTF news updates with stories about:


·         Guy on Reddit can’t do it with out black metal playing
·         Missing grocery store clerk found 10 years later behind cooler
·         Cooler of body parts found
·         68 year old dominatrix makes tons of money
·         Woman makes money on Insta with photos of her posterior
·         Chimps recognize butts the same way humans recognize faces
·         Is the gov’t putting out weaponized ticks??
·         Storm Loc Ness- Find Dat Big Boi
·         Alister Crowley’s mansion sold
·         Permafrost melts, ancient species springs to life
·         Woman claims to commune with faery realm
·         Sweet old people get married at 100 and 103 years old!

Shamble On!

Music: Admiral Longtooth