From Mixtapes to Streaming: The Power of Curation

Jul 29, 2019, 01:48 AM
This year, Latino Rebels Radio partnered up with the Afro-Latino Festival for the “AfrolatinTalks – Podcast Edition,” powered by Latino Rebels/Futuro Media Group. In this collaboration, we’re bringing you panel style conversations that happened live during the festival right the on Latino Rebels Radio podcast.

The second talk of the series is called "From Mixtapes to Streaming: The Power of Curation." Panelists were asked to explore the historical and current importance of curation in cultivating and shaping the music stars of the future. You will hear from DJ, culture curator and documentary filmmaker Bobbito Garcia, James Cruz of Cruz Control Management, Marjua Estevez of BET, AJ "El Kallejero" Ramos of Spotify and Dantee Ramos of The Source.