Andrew Wordsworth - Sustainable Accelerator - Growing The Sustainable Startup Ecosystem

Aug 05, 2019, 06:00 AM
Andrew Wordsworth is the founder of Sustainable Venture group of companies. Sustainable Venture’s mission is to create a more sustainable future world where climate change and resource scarcity is addressed by commercial solutions. They are a venture builder where they develop, invest in and provide workspaces for sustainable business. Sustainable Workspaces located in London is the largest community of colocated community of sustainable startups.

  • The genesis of the Sustainable Ventures, Sustainable Workspaces and Sustainable Accelerator 
  • Proving the equity crowdfunding model when E-Car Club was sold to Europe Car
  • Examples of Sustainable Accelerator portfolio companies
  • How Sustainable Accelerator help startups grow their valuation and develop the business
  • How to pitch to investors and benefits of wearing both hats of investor and investee
  • Why understanding risk will help your pitch
  • Andrew’s personal story and inspiration to move into sustainablity and startups
  • Mapping startups impact and Sustainable Development Goals
Useful links:
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Time stamp:
[03:00] Andrew’s journey into podcasting
[07:20] Sustainable Venture’s mission
[10:30] Why crowdfund and why there was a need for an accelerator fund
[15:00] Sustainable Accelerator Fund 1 and 2
[17:30] Why Rovco is such an exciting business
[23:00] Pitching to investors and being pitched
[25:50] The best pitch Andrew heard
[28:50] What inspired Andrew’s entrepreneurship journey

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