Ask Me Anything #1 Part 2

Aug 02, 2019, 04:00 AM
This is the 2nd part of the most recent patron-only Ask Me Anything episode. I thought everybody could benefit from the answers. To be eligible to ask a question next time around become a Zodiac Muffin at


  • Moon phases & nutrition (2:48)
  • When moon phases & menstrual phases do/don’t match up (5:53) Here's the baby Claire video I mention.
  • Supplements for vegans (8:37)
  • My reflective writing practices (12:23)
  • What does it mean when you feel exhausted after a workout? (16:35)
  • The top 3 priorities in Body Astrology (21:43)
  • Using the birth chart as a daily clock (24:33)
  • How to relate to the Sun in physical astrology (27:45)
  • What’s the midheaven all about? (31:18)
  • Resources for astrology newbies (33:39)
  • How do you manage being a solo entrepreneur with an Aquarius moon? How do you schedule yourself, stay inspired and attract clients? (38:31)