Full Conversation - Dr. Tim Errington on Benefits, Myths of Chiropractic therapy, Posture Matters, yoga & meditation

Jul 31, 05:10 AM
This is the FULL conversation of Dr. Tim Errington, Founder & CEO, Total Health Chiropractic & Total Health Corporate Wellness Solutions with Sunayana Nair, Editor CXO Life. 

Dr. Tim offers one of the most reputed services in Chiropractic in Singapore and has also authored a book – Posture Matters. An erstwhile civil engineer, Dr. Tim began a new phase of his life at 40 years when we went back to school to learn Chiropractic, a science which found him not only at an unusual time but also at a rather unusual place – his old office in England. What began then was a journey which transformed not only his beliefs, mindset but also his entire life where he went from being a rather reckless toughie who used to play rugby and was constantly subjecting his body to blows and falls to adopting a restorative, preserving, healing mindset, amazed at the power and ammunition the body has to heal itself. 

Listen to Tim speak of his formative years, how he discovered Chiropractic, the benefits, the myths surrounding it, on his book Posture Matters, how he relies on yoga & meditation and other passions like swimming, skiing, skydiving to keep that zest alive. 

Happy Listening!