August 2019: Edinburgh Fringe, Camden Fringe, Summer at JW3 and Tourism to Israel

Aug 01, 10:02 AM

This month Phil, Kate, Tony & Clive hear from Composer, Alexander Bermange about his new production 'I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical', which is on at The Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Jewish Comedian of the Year Contestant, James Harris chats about his Camden Fringe show, 'The Palace of Earthly Delights'. Head of Community Programming at JW3, Natalie Burger & the organiser behind 'Mind Sports Olympiad', Etan Ilfeld tell us about the programme of Summer events at JW3. Founder of West End Travel, David Segel talks about record levels of tourism for Israel. Our Rabbinic Thought for the Month comes from Rabbi Harvey Belovski of Golders Green United Synagogue.