I'm At Least Damn

Aug 03, 2019, 08:16 PM

Slow news week for us so we did what we do best: Create Content. Tune in as we discuss ugly babies, determining if Snoop Dogg is the greatest rapper of all time, R. Kelly pleads not guilty and loaning money to the opposite sex.

Hey Pancakes Family, we back with some flame!
Woman Tells The World Her Baby Is Ugly
When Did You Grow Into Your Looks?
ASAP Rocky gets to go home
Is Snoop Dogg the greatest rapper ever?
Is LeBron James Doing Too Much At His Son's Game?
Zombie Land 2 Is Coming
Carmelo Anthony Says He Never Had The Team To Win A Championship
The Chi Update
Would You Tell Your Significant Other If You Loaned Money To Someone Of The Opposite Sex?
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