Helen Brown

Aug 07, 12:30 AM

A candid conversation with Helen Brown, the Founder of On The Out, a community interest company that supports prisoners when they’re released from prison.

The first 24 hours after an offender has been released from prison, are the most critical. It can be the start of a rehabilitated path or, the return to old ways. This Strong Manchester Woman recognised that a compassionate intervention was needed and that the best way to address this issue, came in the shape of fellow ex-prisoners who have lived and breathed similar experiences. 

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Helen Brown the founder of On The Out, a community interest company that supports prisoners right after they’re released from prison. Helen’s worked with marginalised groups of people with issues of homelessness, mental health and addiction,for almost 30 years.

Helen talks from the heart about,

  • the realities working inside a prison
  • showing your vulnerability 
  • being a mum
  • identifying a problem and opportunity, then founding a business off the back of it
  • what it’s really like when your workforce is made up of ex-offenders
  • battling personal problems, whilst juggling a demanding work
  • checking privilege
  • how just £25 can save someone's life

“It never feels like I’m going to work it, just feels like I’m hanging out with people who are lovely to be around.” Helen Brown

Links and information

On The Out’s website & twitter  
On The Out’s Just Giving Page

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