What can housing associations do to help address the homelessness crisis?

Season 2, Episode 6,  Aug 05, 2019, 04:30 PM

In this episode, Katie Teasdale is joined by Sarah-Jane Gay who leads on a our homelessness work. Katie interviews John Glenton, Executive Director of Care and Support at Riverside, and Chair of our homelessness steering group, and Vandemar Baster about his experience of homelessness. To find out more about our homelessness steering group https://www.housing.org.uk/topics/homelessness/working-together-to-end-homelessness/

Sarah-Jane interviews Tracey Lees, Chief Executive of Wandle Housing Association about Homes for Cathy. Find out more here https://homesforcathy.org.uk/ 
Sign up to show your organisation’s commitment to ending homelessness through our Commitment to Refer https://www.housing.org.uk/topics/homelessness/supporting-the-homelessness-reduction-act/commitment-to-refer/

You can find all the latest on our work on homelessness on our website https://www.housing.org.uk/topics/homelessness/