r/aboringdystopia, u/dogboobes's incredible jingle recall, and the differentiation between cops and firemen

Aug 05, 2019, 06:21 PM

This week, the DYR gang discusses r/aboringdystopia, a sub dedicated to exposing the slow capitalist boil that all of us societal frogs are sitting in as it slowly turns us into a creole delicacy. It's very uplifting.

We've finally managed to pry ourselves away from comedy subreddits by covering one of the most depressing subs we've done to date! That's not to say r/aboringdystopia isn't still an entertaining romp, because it definitely is, but it's also a clear indication of our continued society decline, only without all the cool black market exchanges and cyber vigilantes we'd all like to assume is part of our dystopian future. Instead, r/aboringdystopia is about insulin salesman, solar panels that double as billboards, and depleting reading levels. As an accidental testament the sub, u/dogboobes sings the Closet World jingle from memory (and nails it). This episode, obviously sponsored by Closet World.