Mapping Scotland with Ordnance Survey

Aug 09, 10:11 AM
From the app on your smartphone to the GPS in your car and the well-thumbed, dog-eared road atlas on your bookshelf, maps are a critical part of life. For hundreds of years, the organisation that’s been at the heart of mapping in Great Britain is Ordnance Survey.

Registers of Scotland is responsible for maintaining the legal registers relating to land and property in Scotland, but to do this effectively we work with a number of other organisations. OS is one of the most critical of these, providing the base map upon which we register property titles.

Our host for this edition is Kenny Crawford, Business Development Director at RoS, and to share the story of OS, their work and how they work with partner organisations like RoS, he’s joined by David Henderson, Managing Director of OS GB.

They’ll cover the length and breadth of geospatial data, discussing topics such as:
  • OS, its history and the work it does (02:05)
  • OS’s other consumer offerings (04:56)
  • The potential of wider use of data (06:56)
  • Geovation and Geovation Scotland (08:36)
  • The differences and challenges in mapping Scotland, compared with the rest of the UK (12:03)
  • The importance of European and international collaboration (14:12)
  • What the future holds for both geospatial data and Ordnance Survey (17:07)