Vaishali Kasture Part 4/5 – Setting Benchmarks & Breaking Stereotypes

Aug 10, 05:54 AM
So, do you know of anyone who has run the distance of the earth? And is close to doing so twice over? Well, that is Vaishali Kasture for you. The first Indian Woman to complete running all the World Major Marathons. You might imagine her as a mean athletic machine to have been some kind of sports buff all her life to have run an excess of 70,000 km! But this petite lady with an iron will and a tender heart took to running well into her thirties, having spent her time pursuing academic excellence, a challenging career, leading organizations at various capacities in male-dominated domains like finance and technology. She is currently part of the Amazon Web Services Leadership team. 

In this candid conversation with Sunayana Nair, Vaishali shares her love for running, which she took to like a fish takes to water, even if it was much later in life, nevertheless gifting her the chance to explore her third dimension.
She also touches upon her upbringing in a Maharashtrian household.
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