‘Rasam!’ - Stories on the Quintessential Comfort Food

Aug 10, 2019, 12:57 PM
Rasam! It's piping hot, spicy with a hint of tang. Variants range from an almost clear yellow soup to a golden brown broth. An indegenous invention that's millenia old! And a recipe that stands apart in the kitchens of South India.

My first memory of food, is of course 'paruppu saadam' or 'pappannam' in Telugu, doused with two tablespoons of ghee, mildly salted, and flavoured with fresh tomato Rasam, cooked in the traditional 'eeya chombu'.

I break down the memory for you, into the recipe, the ingredients and the history.

Take a listen, and hopefully, you'll get a taste of the quintessential comfort food, age no bar.