Episode 26 - Blame Video Games For Everything

Aug 10, 11:03 PM
Folks, we have a bit of a serious show this week. As you know, video games are yet again under attack thanks to the government of the US of A nothing being able to actually anything for gun control. So once again, they just blame video games because that's the answer. Keith gets a bit emotional over this mess, he's quite upset over this.

But it's not all serious, as we talk about what games we've played this past week. Resident Evil is on our minds and we discuss which new entry in the series we'll see first. Moving on to Gamescom, which is right around the corner and we wanna see some new games. But what we'll see and what are we excited for? Lastly, we move on to the ESA dropping the ball again, as it's discovered that they leaked not just E3 2019 press and journalist info. Nope, they also leaked several other lists as well. We saved the serious chat surrounding Walmart removing game adverts and even games from their stores and how the USA needs to stop blaming video games for every major violent act carried out.

Yep, this one is a banger

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