Two Flexible Skeptics Contemplate the Unknowable Universe: American Hysteria in Conversation with the Something Scary Podcast

Aug 12, 07:05 AM
Today I plan to lose all creditability among our dedicated skeptics by sharing my ghost experiences, talking about astrology, and even getting a tarot card reading. Instead of abandoning me, I ask you to indulge yourself into the unknown for just one episode. With the amazing Sapphire Sandalo of Something Scary asking me the kinds of questions I love, I promise to keep my skepticism alive while also respecting the great mysteries that have always fueled me, and led me here, to American Hysteria.
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Today’s episode was hosted by the brilliant Sapphire Sandlo 
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Please come back next week for another very special episode, a special audio and visual event recorded live in Seattle, a vaudevillian variety hour, a circus of the moral panics, urban legends, and conspiracy theories we covered in season one. 
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