How to Keep it Simple for Parents & Athletes - Dave Briglio

Aug 19, 04:30 PM
Dave Briglio is the Athletic Legacy Gameplan (ALG) Director for Complete3, an organization for sport, school, and career support, and he is the host of Making the Play Podcast. Growing up, Dave recognized encouragement from coaches and supervisors was crucial for youth development, so now he dedicates his life to helping others. He created the ATHLETIC LEGACY GAMEPLAN (ALG) specifically to help Athletic Directors and Coaches leave their mark on the world and serve their athletes through life, long after they have finished school. Core concepts under ALG include: addressing socioeconomic barriers, coaching male and female athletes, keeping kids in the games, nurturing creativity, fundraising, and more. His other current roles are trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance, Coach Development Trainer for US Lacrosse, and JV Girls’ Lacrosse Coach for Towson High School.

Table of Contents:

0:24 – Guest intro

1:11 – Where did you growing up what sports did you play?

3:41 – Early Specialization

7:00 – fondest memory from personal youth sports

16:16 – getting into coaching

23:25 – top 3 issues facing youth sports

27:14 – Athletic Legacy Game Plan

32:25 – Making the Play podcast

39:15 – what can coaches do so kids so kids love the game more at the end of the season

47:04 – Free Play

50:41 – Resources 

57:31 – what can coaches do to engage parents

1:02:45 - #1 tip for coaches who are just starting out