STL Roundtable - Jerry Jones, Daniel Jones, and Contract Bones

Aug 13, 01:48 AM
Host Steven Van Over (@StevenVanOver) is joined today by writers Broe Reeves (@Broeham), Tom McAlister (@Dfends_Com), and Spinksy (@SpinksyNFL),

Who will earn the most out of the new Dallas Triplets when the contracts come a' callin'. How good will the drama be if Eli gets injured quickly and Daniel Jones replaces him in Week 2? Who has had the best off-season? Find out today in the STL Roundtable!

1:30 - Daniel Jones Debut
4:00 - Best team offseason in NFL?
9:00 - Which 4 Playoff teams won't be back this year?
15:45 - Which Cowboy will get the biggest contract for his position?
24:00 -  Melvin Gordon or Zeke, who gets paid first?
30:00 - Last Rants