Annual Assam Floods - Climate Change or Embankment Politics?

Aug 14, 2019, 06:54 AM
We hear of floods in the northeastern state of Assam almost every year, sometimes multiple times in the same year! And with increasing rainfall intensities because of climate change, are the existing embankments in Assam a good adaptation mechanism or are they adding to the problem? Anupam Chakravartty, an independent journalist based out of Guwahati, reaches out to the experts and most vulnerable communities by travelling to Kaziranga and unearthing the reality of the situation.

This ground report brings to you perspectives that are hardly discussed in the Media. For instance, is the govt policy to build concrete houses good adaptation mechanism or going against age-old practices of building houses on stilts?

While every year Kaziranga is flooded we see animals being rescued but we see very little about tribal communities which live in harmony with the animals?

Why is there very little discussion on the need for people living around Kaziranga? 

Are Embankments just another fraudulent practice for speculative profits?

Anupam discusses this and more with Pranab Tulip, a member of a mass organisation called Gipal krishak sangathan and researcher Mirza Zulfequr Rahman. 

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