Power Up! - SHD Logistics Conference 2019 keynote highlights

Aug 16, 2019, 09:32 AM

When creating your warehouse, do you ever think about how much power is needed? In this talk, Simon Cox, Prologis UK, explains the latest trends in the UK, Europe and interestingly Japan.

How much power does your warehouse need? In the latest episode of ‘Out of office’ from The Logistics Podcast, Simon Cox, first vice president, project management & sustainability officer at property developer Prologis UK, tells us what he thinks.
The cost of energy is going up due to new demands on our power supplies. Electricity has always powered lighting, the office but now we’re powering electric forklift trucks, automation and digital technology too… Simon also discusses multi-storey developments in Japan, a new era of collaboration between landlord and tenant, data flows and data-driven decision making. He also shares how intervention by local authorities in the Netherlands is prohibiting gas installation and paving the way for zero carbon buildings.