Episode 17: All the 2019 Memories

Aug 16, 2019, 05:02 PM
In the 17th episode of the podcast, we take a strolll down Peoria Chiefs memory lane. 

First up, Community & Fan Engagement Assistant Emily Van Buskirk chats with former Peoria players Lars Nootbaar and Tommy Parsons. The outfielder talks about what he misses most about Peoria (and who) while the ace pitcher breaks down the process that led him all the way to Double A. The two joke about their favorite romantic comedies (a la Brady Whalen) and talk about their off-season plans.

Next, Emily sits down with her fellow Pressbox interns - Video Production Assistant Aaron Grimm, Graphic Design Assistant Grant Early, Broadcast & Media Assistant Matt Davis and Broadcast Production Assistant Cody Schindler to talk about their favorite moments from the 2019 season. The Pressbox 5 reminisce about their favorite interactions with players. Fun stories in this segment!

In the final segment, Cody Schindler takes you on a tour of the Top-5 all-time greatest baseball movies! Spoiler alert: MoneyBall is number 1, obviously. 

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