How To Lose Weight For Good

Aug 18, 2019, 11:30 PM
Diet culture has led us to believe that only a certain size is deemed 'acceptable', and that to get there we must restrict what we eat by creating certain rules and extreme measures surrounding our diets..But how can diets and extreme weight loss products work when we know that more than 50% of dieters put the weight they lost back on again, and often more than they even started with?!.And what's even more concerning is that losing weight too quickly can lead to some often worrying side effects. Joining me to discuss how to lose weight for good and how to do it safely is Registered Dietitian, Priya Tew. Priya and I explain how to go about weight loss in a healthier and more sustainable way, which involves maintaining a healthy relationship with food and not obsessing over numbers on the scale or in the form of calories. For more information, visit and