Pay Homage

Aug 17, 2019, 08:56 PM

We all over the place in a good way. We are going to talk about everything from sports to time travel, washing chicken to young rappers paying homage. We discuss torn ACLs and Bugattis. Jay-Z upsets the community. It's alot of fun. Press Play!

Hey Pancakes fam, we got you covered in all the dope content.

Sugar Hill had a Birthday
Hobbs and Shaw Review
Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Chicken
Jay Z and Roc Nation Partner With The NFL
Time Traveling Aliens and We Aren't Aware
Simone Biles Is Amazing
Dave Chappelle is Back
25 Hour Binge Watch of Friends
R. Kelly Got The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Young Thug drops
Quality Control drops
Future is Top 5 of All Time
Should Younger Rappers Pay Homage
Should You Bring Your Kids On A Date?
Much More Just Press Play Already!