Interview With My Daughter – Growth Mindset For Kids, Part 1

Aug 19, 2019, 11:53 PM
This eisode features Sophie McCambridge – Shaun’s 9-year-old daughter. Sophie speaks with her Dad about growth mindsets and the following topics: 

·       What is growth vs fixed mindset?
·       How parents and schools can help children adopt a growth mindset
·       Examples where Sophie has used a growth mindset, including her NAPLAN test
·       Shaun’s personal journey with his growth mindset

Maybe we can start by telling the listeners what a growth and fixed mindset is based on what you understand?

So, a growth mindset is something that can keep you positive and happy through the day, a fixed mindset is something that no one ever wants to use and no one should use it. It’s something where you say, ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’ll never be able to do this’. 

And why do you think a growth mindset would be better than a fixed mindset?

Because a growth mindset is you being positive, and you can go way further than with a fixed mindset.

When have you had to use a growth mindset yourself?

An example of when I had to use it was last year I was in the middle of a NAPLAN test and I came to a difficult question in the maths part, and I thought ‘oh no I’m not going to have enough time I can’t do this’ so I thought I might have a growth mindset and just think ‘oh yes I should use a growth mindset’ and I kept on going, I skipped that answer and then at the end I had extra time, I filled in that answer and I figured out that I got an A+ for that question.

Sophie to Shaun: In what situations would you like to use a growth mindset?

In my point of view using a growth mindset, you use it daily. There is so many situations where you use it, whether it’s being confronted by challenges or opportunities. I try and use it when I’m going to do things like public speaking or physical challenges like an Iron Man or a boxing event sometimes when my mind is trying to tell me that I can’t do these things. In business and in all aspects of life there’s always opportunities to use it and I think that’s great.

Dad, why would you not want to use a fixed mindset?

I think it’s really quite stressful to use a fixed mindset. Because when you’re confronted with those challenges and everything else, there’s often language like you said before ‘I can’t, this is too much this is intimidating what am I going to do?’ All those sorts of things point to not really helping you in that situation and you feel a little bit out of control. And if you can I think a growth mindset helps you to focus on the solution, or a way forward rather than getting stuck and stressed out by things that come at you.