Connecticut Today with Paul Pacelli: Ann Karrick Fills in for Paul

Episode 135,   Aug 21, 2019, 10:40 PM

On a Wednesday edition of Connecticut Today, Ann Karrick fills in for Paul and she hit the ground running speaking with life coach Connie Penichet to start the show. 

Then, Cindy Wolfe-Boynton, President of the Connecticut NOW, joined Ann in-studio to discuss the upcoming Women's Equality Day rally in Hartford on August 25.

Jenny Van Leeuwen-Harrington, Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager for Gilman Hill Asset Management, called to discuss smart investing strategies. Then, Ann welcomed Moneer Azzam to the program to breakdown the situation in Israel. 

And finally, Mark Schuster of ASML, was in-studio to talk about the company and some job prospects at its Wilton offices.


Connie Penichet: (1:06 - 16:21)

Cindy Wolfe-Boynton: (16:22 - 38:15)

Jenny Van Leeuwen-Harrington: (38:16 - 54:42)

Moneer Azzam: (54:43 - 71:00)

Mark Schuster: (72:00 - 93:00)

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