Turf war between Alabama and Texas over NASA dollars for manned Moon landing. Bob Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com

Aug 21, 2019, 11:47 PM
Image:  The first image taken of the far side of the Moon, returned by Luna 3: the first of the far side of the Moon, taken by Luna 3, October 7, 1959. The dark patches at left include Mare Crisium (on the near side), Mare Smythii, and Mare Marginis (on the border of the near and far sides). At bottom is Mare Ausatrale. The dark patch above right of center is Mare Moscoviense, and below right of center is Tsiolkovskiy crater. Below and to the right of Tsiolkovskiy is Jules Verne crater.  Public domain.
. . . The Marshall Space Flight Center will supervise construction of the transfer vehicle and the descent module, while the Johnson Space Center in Texas will manage construction of the upper ascent stage.
    Does no one in NASA or the Trump administration see the stupidity of this? It’s as if Ford decided that the interior and exterior sections of its cars will be assembled in two different factories, and combined only after they are assembled. The logistics of making sure they’ll fit and work together during final assembly could only increase costs, delay assembly, and almost guarantee engineering issues. No intelligently run business would do such a thing.
    Government, however, is not an intelligently run business. It’s run by politicians, whom we the public have not held to any kind of quality standard for the past half century. Thus, NASA is . . .