We Belong! Mental Health Access in the Latinx Community

Aug 22, 2019, 11:00 AM
On this episode of Tamarindo, we talk about #therapy and how it can help when we experience #trauma, a timely conversation with recent events that have targeted the #LatinxCommunity. 

On August 3rd, the people of El Paso experienced one of the most harrowing attacks in recent history at the hands of a White supremacist that specifically targeted immigrants and Latinos. 

We pause to reflect on that tragedy and other recent policy changes that are adversely affecting our community. As we referenced, this article outlines how the Trump Administration is deliberately attempting to change the face of America so it looks less....well...brown. 

At a time when folks in the White House want to tell our community that we don't belong, we know how important it can be to access mental health resources. As part of our commitment to our community's well being, we talk to the creator of the #LatinxTherapy podcast and directory, trauma Psychotherapist, Adriana Alejandre.  We discuss trauma, the barriers to accessing therapy, and how Adriana's work is building a community of practice for Latinx therapists.

You'll hear us talk about #affirmations, which are statements that are designed to create self-change and how using these can remind us all that #WeBelong.  We're including a link on how to create and use affirmations so you can try it out for yourselves: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/smart-relationships/201403/affirmations-the-why-what-how-and-what-if 

Latinx Therapy, is an internationally recognized directory and bilingual podcast that destigmatizes #mentalhealth & provides education to combat stigma through technology and mental health services. 

Lastly we are excited to announce our first Tamarindo Calma event! We will be leading a #free #workout and #meditation for our LA listeners on Saturday, September 14th at Vista Hermosa Park. To RSVP,  just click on the link.

Please share the show with a friend and we hope you're excited to have #Tamarindopodcast back from break!

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