Robin 'Aceman' Raikkonen Cometh

Aug 22, 09:53 PM

Robin Raikkonen aka The Aceman has entered the world of Motorsport. Is the world of Formula 1 ready to handle Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement? Also, will Vettel-Leclerc be beaten by Verstappen-Albon?

Robin 'Aceman' Raikkonen's made the headlines and he's lined up his first sponsor already! Whether he chooses two or four wheeler racing, the Aceman's journey will be well-followed and cheered by all Motorsport fans. Here's hoping that the Raikkonens entertain us for the years to come. Will Kimi Raikkonen retire at the end of 2020 or will he race for at least one more season under the new regulations in 2021?

In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we ask whether Formula 1's regulations for 2021 are an inspiration from the current Indy Car design. We discuss Helmut Marko's double standards on overtaking. We wonder how embarrassing it would be for Ferrari if a Vettel-Leclerc pairing is beaten by Verstappen-Albon. Finally, Cyril Abiteboul's suggestion on changing race tracks to improve Formula 1's show makes sense, but do we not pay heed because its Cyril? Tune in!

(Season 2019, Episode 31)

Here's what's in store for you in this episode:
0:00-3:00: From Iceman to the Aceman, hopefully the Raikkonens will entertain us for the years to come

3:00-6:00: Toyota has been giving Formula 1 fans much joy AFTER leaving Formula 1 - thank you. Is Formula 1 kind enough to offer drivers a comeback drive? Could Valtteri Bottas take a sabbatical too?

6:00-9:00: Could a Vettel-Leclerc pair be actually be beaten by a Verstappen-Albon pairing in 2019? Are Formula 1's 2021 designs inspired from Indy Car?

9:00-12:00:  We expose Helmut Marko's double standards on Pierre Gasly's inability to overtake. Apart from Verstappen, do you know the other driver who has impressed Marko this season?

12:00-15:00: Cyril Abiteboul wants to change race tracks to improve the show of Formula 1. But what do we need to change to improve's Renault's show in Formula 1?

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Image: Kimi Raikkonen's Instagram