08/23/2019 Pushing the Odds with Matt Perrault Hour 1

Aug 23, 2019, 06:02 PM
Tomorrow begins the first day of college football season with the game against Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes. Matt explains why he thinks the game will be a horrendous game and why the under money is pouring and by the start he says it will believe that it will be under 45. For today's Hard Four, he talks about the football field that the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers had to play on last night, Cam Newton gets hurt during game between New England Patriots, John Harbaugh has been leading the Baltimore Ravens to wins during preseason, and strong safety Patrick Chung faces charges for cocaine possession charge. Matt gives his opinions on why he has problems with the NFL. He mentions his disagreement with preseason games and the safety for the players. Papa Bear comes on the show and explains what Chris Palma is to him and he continues by giving plays college football, NFL, and MLB.