New Type of Pulsating Star - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S22E62

Aug 25, 05:51 AM
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*A new type of pulsating star
Astronomers have discovered a new type of pulsating sub dwarf star.
*A glitch in a neutron star
Astronomers are a step closer to solving one of the great mysteries of neutron stars – why they glitch.
*Massive radiation leak from secret Russian weapons project blast
New readings are showing gamma radiation levels 16 times higher than normal background in town and villages up to 30 kilometres from a Russian Missile test site which was rocked by a massive explosion last week.
*China launches three new spy satellites
Beijing has launched three new Yaogan-30 spy satellites for the Chinese military.
*First ever Chinese private sector launch.
China’s rapidly expanding private sector aerospace industry has successfully launched its first commercial rocket.
*Japan rocket failure
A new privately developed Japanese sounding rocket has failed in its latest launch attempt.
*Special Sky and Telescope feature on the Moon
Jonathan Nally -- editor of Australian Sky and Telescope Magazine – previews an in-depth look at our nearest celestial neighbour – Lunar – better known to most of us as the Moon.
*The Science Report
New study finds fracking causes significant atmospheric increase in the greenhouse gas methane.
Doctors call for agriculture and food producers to cut antibiotic use on farm animals.
Hackers using the sounds of you typing to access your data.
A Jurassic World of around 100 ancient volcanoes discovered deep under central Australia.
The general public’s trust in science is increasing while politicians and commentators flat line.
New study shows Earth’s climate is changing faster than at any other time in the last 2000 years.
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