National Bravery Award Winners : Introduction -Bharat Award Winners

Aug 25, 2019, 04:27 PM

Welcome to the first episode of Veergatha Podcast. The name Veer means brave, so naturally we will narrate stories of valour and bravery in this show. We start the series on National Bravery Award Winners

We begin with narrating stories of children from different parts of India, who are winners of the National Bravery Award.

The history of the National Bravery Awards goes back to the 1950s, when a 14 year old boy Harish Chandra ripples open a burning tent and saved the lives of several people. He was the first recipient of the bravery

In this episode, we narrate the stories Gurugu Himapriya (then 8 years old) and Saumyadeep Jana (then 13 years old) from Jammu and how they tackled an attack by terrorists.

Stories for this episode were obtained from public domain sources. Narration and editing by Minu for gaatha story. You can learn more about Veergatha by visiting Music: Title: Archive of Sad Days from the Album Glimmer In The Gloom.
You can listen to the Hindi version of this story by clicking the link below:

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