Human Game: 2 of 4: Hunting the Great Escape Murderers Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. Simon Read (Author), Joe Jameson (Narrator), Audible Studios (Publisher)

Aug 26, 2019, 01:38 AM
Photo: British Prisoners of War in Germany, 1940-1945
British POWs at work in a quarry at the town of Laband, the base for working parties E1 and E708 from Stalag VIIIB.
Date | between 1939 and 1945
Source | | This is photograph HU 9211 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums. |
Author | German official photographer
(Reusing this file) | This image was created and released by the Imperial War Museum on the IWM Non Commercial Licence. Photographs taken, or artworks created, by a member of the forces during their active service duties are covered by Crown Copyright provisions. Faithful reproductions may be reused under that licence, which is considered expired 50 years after their creation.
Part of | The British Army 1940 - 1945- British Prisoners of War in Poland and Germany
Subjects | Associated people and organisationsBritish Army, Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, Lower Silesia, GermanyAssociated placesGliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland, Łabędy, Gliwice, Upper Silesia, PolandAssociated themesBritish Army 1939-1945, Prisoners of War, Europe 1939-1945Associated keywordsPrisoners
Category | photographs

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Human Game: 2 of 4: Hunting the Great Escape Murderers  Audible Audiobook – Unabridged.  Simon Read (Author), Joe Jameson (Narrator), Audible Studios (Publisher)

“In the summer of 1945, British investigator Francis McKenna and his team began a trek across post-war #Europe to pursue the men who murdered British #POWs in cold blood following the famous #GreatEscape from Stalag Luft III in March #1944. Simon Read details the hunt in a book that is one part detective story and one part morality play, striking themes that will resonate in the present day. Remarkably, many of the Germans who witnessed or were tangentially involved in the atrocity retained an active sense of guilt and helped the investigators, even when it put them at risk for retribution from both sides. Simon Read has done an impressive job stitching together a highly readable and informative story from various sources, and making it live again.”—Jim DeFelice, bestselling author of Rangers at Dieppe, Omar Bradley: General at War, and American Sniper __ “A gut-wrenching account of World War II’s Great Escape and its brutal aftermath. Simon Read’s riveting tale of the #RoyalAirForce’s #RAF manhunt for the #Gestapo perpetrators of the cold-blooded murder of fifty unarmed Allied escapees will touch your soul and increase your admiration for the ‘Greatest Generation.’ Whether justice ultimately triumphed over evil can be found in Read’s engrossing narrative.”—Colonel Cole C. Kingseed, USA (Ret.), New York Times bestselling coauthor of Beyond Band of Brothers