EP 81: Sneaky Daddies

Aug 28, 2019, 03:56 AM
Welcome to ShambleFest!  Tune in this week for your weekly WTF news wrap up with stories about…

·         FL man charged with performing home castrations
·         Man exposes self then falls to his death
·         Woman wants divorce b/c husband is too nice
·         Man told “you ugly” by TSA agent
·         New Loch Ness info!!
·         Update on Taylor Swift and Kayne VMA scandal ten years later
·         Four tons of pot discovered in shipment of jalapenos
·         Mexico makes coke legal?
·         Dolls treated like members of family
·         Six seniors arrested in the park for untoward party
·         Demon possession in Indonesia
·         Woman burns Penny Wise doll after it floats info her yard
·         More creepy doll stories

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