Sex: What to Eat, How to Sleep & How to Exercise Your Way to Great Sex!

Aug 28, 2019, 12:06 PM
Let’s talk sex. How can you improve your sex drive?

There’s a ton of research proving the connection between what you eat and what goes on in your bedroom.

But what else can affect your sex drive, positively or negatively? And how can you get more bang for your buck, quite literally.

A low sex drive can be tough to deal with. It can lead to decreased interest in sex, friction in relationships, arguments, dissatisfaction, frustration.

I’ve personally experienced what can happen when someone loses their sex drive when they’re in a relationship. It leads to a lot of repressed needs, frustration with your partner and anger.

So listen to these tips and increase your sex drive with food, exercise, supplements, and other good health practices.

How To Sleep Better

What Supplements Should You Take?

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