Clean toilets and conversations paving way for change in Nashik's Ashram Shalas

Aug 31, 2019, 11:57 AM
For this special report of The Suno India Show, our reporter Vaishali visited Nashik district in Maharashtra, where WaterAid India along with local partners have taken on the onerous challenge of revamping the water and sanitation facilities of tribal schools called Ashram Shalas. They aim to reach at least 172 schools and nearly 70,000 school children through this project, which not only involves rehabilitation of infrastructure, but is also working on
spreading awareness and enabling children to take charge of their personal hygiene by breaking myths around menstruation. An interesting aspect of this programme is how the community and schools are using recyclable materials to build toilets and also embracing other innovations for sewage treatment. 

Note: WaterAid India facilitated the conveyance for this report.

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