Episode 29 - Play Control there's no slot machines in it

Sep 02, 05:31 PM
The gang is all here and so is episode 29 of the Spectator Mode Podcast! Join Keith, Karl, Diego, and Rob as they take you all on yet another journey into the world of videogame news.

First up is everyone's favorite "What have we've been playing this week", and boy does Diego have a story to tell. Something about being banned on PlayStation Network. Remedy's Control has been in our minds, in our hands and we can't wait to talk about this original IP. It's a breath of fresh air among the gaming scene. We can't forget about Capcom's announcement of Project REsistance, but is it really another Outbreak wannabe? Or is it something entirely? Yakuza 7's new turn-based combat, Gears of War 5 and Telltale Games being revived are also front and center. Lastly, we close it out with 2K Game's NBA2K20. Is it a casino game with basketball bits in it or what? We're confused.

That and more in this episode of Spectator Mode Podcast.

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