Ahmed Detta - Advanced Sustainable Development - Transforming Plastic Recycling

Sep 09, 2019, 06:00 AM
Ahmed Detta is the founder of Advanced Sustainable Development (ASD) a PET recycling facility with an aim to transform how plastics are recycled, creating a transparent and sustainable circular economy. 

  • Ahmed’s early venture into mobile phone recycling in Dubai
  • Studying sustainability in cambridge CISL 
  • Why choosing to focus on PET
  • The leap of faith moment after the research
  • Getting Emotional Freedom Technique tapping 
  • Mock presentations to get feedback from friends and executive coaches
  • Being ambitious and realistic with investors
  • Importance of getting a project manager and risk analyst
  • Every ton of PET recycled reduces 4 tons of carbon dioxide 

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Time stamp:
[01:35] What is Advanced Sustainable Development
[03:30] Early career in sales and financial success
[05:22] Studying sustainability in Cambridge 
[08:35] Early problem and solution
[11:18] Choosing to focus on a PET plastics 
[13:25] What happens to the plastics 
[16:00] Deciding to quit, overcoming fear with EFT tapping
[19:30] Getting traction and early feedback
[21:30] Speaking to investors and knowing who is my real friend
[23:40] Measuring the impact of ASD
[26:00] Coolest piece of clean tech you’ve used? 
[28:30] Looking back from 2030

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