Hiring the Right People for Your Small Business

Sep 04, 2019, 07:01 AM
Today’s episode is all about outsourcing, hiring, and bringing people onto your team. We were never taught in school how to hire team members or how to bring people on and for a lot of us. You may not know when to hire, how to hire or how to manage a team. Lucky for you, that’s where we can help! 
We realize that bring someone on can be super scary because you may think you can’t afford it, but if this is your business and this is your dream, then you don’t want to cheap out on having a dream team that can not only be an extension of you to run your business but also give you more time to grow your business! Your VA may be your biggest expense each month but it’s worth very penny.
For starters, it’s important to determine what actually needs to be done and the time it requires. If you need one off items checked off like graphic design, logo, or a blog post written then you likely can contract that work out through a freelancer (see our show notes below on some of the site we use for this). When it comes to ongoing responsibilities like answering emails, creating protocols, etc. you really want to vet these people to determine if they are right for your team. 
To determine what can be taken off your plate, ask yourself, "What do I lack skills in? What do I hate doing?” because you're not going to be good at everything and there will be someone out there that IS good at it and loves doing it. So write down the things that you actually should be doing in your business. Things that are going to be helping move your business forward. Things that help you make money. This will help you get a better idea of the type of person you need to hire or what jobs can be contracted out.
When you’re ready to hire, do your research. Ask for references, ask for examples of their work, ask A LOT of questions to determine if they are a good fit. Don’t be afraid to take your time to find the right person. As our business coach says “Hire slow, fire fast." You’ll likely know within a month if they will work out or not. And if they don’t work out then don’t waste your time trying to micromanage them. Because at the end of the day, whoever you hire needs to be devoted to your business as much as you are. Your business needs to be their baby as much as it is yours. You need to be open and honest with your team - tell them how you appreciate them and tell them if you’re pissed off. Similar to a relationship, if you don’t communicate how you feel then they will never know. And when you don’t see each other face to face every day in the office, that makes communication even more important.

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