“College? She’s Got a Plan for That”

Sep 05, 2019, 05:00 PM
It’s #BacktoSchool, and for many first-gen #Latinx #college students, this can be both an exciting and scary time. On this episode of Tamarindo, Ana Sheila and Brenda revisit their college years at #Standford and #CSUF respectively, share awesome tips helpful for any #collegesurvivalkit,  and discuss the state of #collegeaccess today.  Stick around for our #basura segment….it has to do with #TacoTuesday!

 Resources referenced: 

Elizabeth Warren Has the Biggest Free College Plan Yet     (This is  Vox article, we incorrectly called this “fox” the second time we reference this on the podcast)

We are excited to announce our first Tamarindo Calma event! We will be leading a #free #workout and #meditation for our LA listeners on Saturday, September 14th at Vista Hermosa Park. To RSVP,  just click on the link.  

Also, we mentioned the Dance Warriors program, check out more at

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