The Moon and Digestion

Sep 13, 2019, 04:00 AM

In this episode, I go through all the natal moon signs briefly and nutritional considerations for each. Then, I pick apart every possible lunar aspect and describe what that adds to your digestive picture.

In episode 37 of The Cosmic Lifestyle Podcast, we chat all about the natal moon and digestion. As a professional physical astrologer, I firmly believe that nothing in the birth chart influences the dietary needs of a person more than their natal moon.

But, we can't make a blanket statement and assume that all people with the same moon sign share identical food needs. That's bad astrology. So what differentiates your digestive profile from all the other people in the world that share your moon sign? Aspects!

PS: If you're clever, you'll notice I don't mention aspects between the Sun and Moon in this podcast. That's because, in my opinion, these aspects speak more to our energetic capacity rather than our digestion.