Stranger Danger

Sep 09, 12:00 AM
Encountering strangers always comes with an element of the unknown and can sometimes be dangerous. Listen as we give you two examples of Stranger Danger in the true crime story of the I-70 Killer, and the tale of Antaeus the Wrestler from Greek mythology. 

00:24 – Quote – Mark Twain
0:46 - Cold Open
1:48 - Murder –The I-70 Killer
7:06 - Myth – Antaeus the Wrestler
14:20 – Promo – Dark Histories Podcast
15:07 - Reaction Segment – Kimberly and Kristin discuss proper microphone techniques, theories as to who the I-70 killer is, National Lampoon reboot idea, ways to avoid being assaulted in your car at a rest stop, Tungus the AM/PM monster, The Rock and the People’s everything, wrestlers catchphrases, Kristin fangirls over Mankind, and grosses Kimberly out with Mr. Socko, more wrestling, getting into cars with strangers, and the Lyft/Uber serial killer.

Music Credits:
Murder & Myths theme music created by Castro Vania
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Music from
"Oppressive Gloom" & "Drone in D” and “Lost Time" by Kevin MacLeod ( (Edited by Kristin)
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