Lynden Campbell (Head of Sync, Domino Records and Publishing)

Sep 10, 2019, 07:00 AM
Episode 6 of series 2 is with Lynden Campbell of Domino Records and Publishing. Lynden is the head of sync at Domino and had me over to the Domino offices in South London for this chat which happens to be one of my favs of all the conversations I have had.

She has some great things to say about working in the sync area of the business, about working in music publishing, about moving to an indie company from a major, how she got started in the business and how it's evolved during her time. She is a wealth of knowledge and I was very grateful that she found the time to chat to me.

Below are links to some of the artists and songwriters that she mentions in the conversation. If you get the chance go check out the rest of the domino roster, there are some absolute gems in there, including one of my personal favs BARONESS.

Georgia - Lava La Rue - Black Midi - Arthur Russell - Robert Wyatt - Shirley Collins

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