Is Piracy threatening the future of football? This is Moneyball discuss pirate broadcasters and why the rules of the game off the pitch are now so crucial

Sep 09, 2019, 02:32 PM
Forget Blackbeard and the stealing of Spanish treasure fleets, when you think of piracy these days it might well be football that's flying the Jolly Roger.

It's big business too. Think of football channel beoutQ, which pirates content from Qatar-based giant beIN Sports and beams it to homes across Saudi Arabia.  

This week on This is Moneyball, Georgie Frost is joined by LawinSport's Sean Cottrell and the Associated Press' Global Sports Correspondent Rob Harris. 

They discuss the impact of piracy on the future of football, how the rules of the game off the pitch are becoming more important and impacting the jobs of journalists, whether fans can still be called fans and not just consumers, and what can be done to encourage investment in women's sport.