YouTube invades intellectual space, bans education, calls Jews “Nazis”; with Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU

Sep 10, 03:35 AM
Image:  Political cartoon criticizing the alliance between the prohibitionists and women's suffrage movements. The Genii of Intolerance, labelled "Prohibition," emerges from his bottle. Cartoon by Oscar Edward Cesare (1885-1948).  Public domain. Moral: censorship doesn't work
Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO, concerning YouTube, and its invasions of content as it labels political videos of which it doesn't approve as “pornography”! Two court cases anent this: State and Federal claims; the Federal case rests on the First Amendment. Is YouTube a Publisher? If not, then it's restricting free speech. The Stat case : breach of contract. We have over 500 videos on PragerU, and add some each week. After we filed the lawsuits and testified before Congress on this, an additional 100 videos went on the YouTube restricted list.  Google sees PragerU as a bunch of “Nazis” – yet Dennis Prager is a Jew.