Brentford’s Season Prorogued - for now anyway. Pre Preston North End Podcast From the Pub

Sep 12, 05:15 AM
After the Championship season was prorogued by the football authorities, Brentford are BACK after international week and looking forward Saturday’s match against Preston North End. 

Meeting at The Hercules in Lambeth North are Billy ‘TheBee’ Grant, Dave ‘Laney’ Lane, Matt ‘The Allard’ Allard and Gerry ‘The Cabbie’ Burke discussing England Euro qualification matches. Brentford’s international players. Multicoloured seats at the new stadium. And we speak to Bill Whisker from Profound Valley who gives us the lowdown on Person North End.

0 min - INTRO. England v Bulgaria and Kosovo. Plus international round up featuring Brentford players over the past few days
26 min 06 sec - What do the Beesotted crew think is an attainable point haul for Brentford between now and the next international window?
35 min 39 sec - The Brentford Multicoloured Seat debacle. The Beesotted crew discuss Brentford’s decision to fit multicoloured seats in the new stadium as opposed to red and white ones
50 min 15 sec - Bill Whisker from Profound Valley gives us the lowdown on Preston North End
50 min 15 sec - Beesotted crew chat Presto
1 hr 2 min 42 sec - END