News behind the barbed wire

Sep 13, 2019, 09:30 AM
The continuing information and communication clampdown in Kashmir has it made it difficult to get voices from the ground. To take stock of the situation, two journalists Laxmi Murthy and Geeta Seshu from the Network of Women in Media and Free Speech Collective spent five days between August 30 and September 3 in the Valley. 

Titled 'News Behind the Barbed Wire: Kashmir’s Information Blockade', their report paints a grim picture, that includes undermining of local journalists, self-censorship, alleged intimidation of reporters by police and politicians, as well as human rights violations.

The Suno India Show's host Padma Priya reached out to Laxmi Murthy to know more about what they saw in the Valley in the five days she spent there.

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