Friends You Wanna Eat With

Sep 14, 2019, 04:24 PM

When we first started this episode, I didn't know how we were going to make this a thing because the headlines were terrible and not captivating. But as always, we found a way to laugh about everything. And in case you're wondering, Terrence Howard is retiring.

Hey Pancakes Family! Listen, after dying in laughter for most of the episode we were able to make something out of thin air.  So look:

Kevin Hart Has Faked An Entire Accident (Theory)
Terrence Howard Is The Most Replaceable Actor Ever
Power is Now A Comedy 
Snowfall Season 3 Finale...Just End The Series. 
Terrence Howard is Retiring
Patriots WR Antonio Brown is Accused of Sexual Assault
Tupac's Anniversary of His Passing
Sebastian Telfair Makes Bond
Terrence Howard  Wants To Let Us Know He Is Retiring
Popeyes Launches New Campaign
That One Time The Internet Came Together
Who Should Leave The Room? (Scenarios)
Addressing the notion that No Black Man Is Loved Properly Unless He Has Money.
Friends You Never Want To Get Hungry With vs Friends You Want To Eat With

PS. Terrence Howard Makes An Announcement