S16E13 - Pure Nintendo Filth

Season 16, Episode 13,  Sep 16, 2019, 04:30 PM

We mention on this week's show that the Axolotl is the cutest creature on the planet, controversial we know, but with the episode post we present all our key evidence.

This week on the Geek Show we have Pure Nintendo Filth that gives us our first bit of essential 'bleep' of our 300+ episode run. Also on the show we talk about Game of Thrones Cash-ins Plans; Amazon’s launches Alexa Answers to crowdsource answers that Alexa doesn’t already have; Chinese AI powered face swap APP being too powerful. MIT have created a colour changing ink; German city wants proof that don’t exists; and lastly, Doom Meat Vodka. That last one has gave us our favourite game ever, tune in to find out what it is.

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