Create Great Content & Market Yourself on Instagram with Kelly Doody

Sep 18, 2019, 07:01 AM
If you are new to Instagram or haven’t quite figured it out yet, you are really going to learn a lot from today’s episode.
We have Kelly Doody with us today, the Founder & CEO of Social School to talk all about Instagram marketing for business.
Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s episode:
 - the 4 A’s of Marketing (the 4 P’s are so 90’s)
 - what the heck are content pillars and how you MUST use them to continuously produce new content
 - keep things spicy with new content (nobody likes seeing the same thing over and over again)
 - aesthetic to your Instagram feed
 - the difference between IGTV and Instagram stories (and why you should be using both)
 - nerd out with analytics to determine which content works and which doesn’t
 - as we always saying, why niching your target audience is SO important
 - why social media advertising is still something you should do (and why you shouldn’t just blindly boost a post for $20)

Tune into today’s episode and get nerdy with us! 
Kelly Doody - Founder & CEO, Social School Kelly is a journalist turned digital marketing junkie. In addition to founding Social School, a top digital marketing academy offering live and online courses and certification programs, as well as Canada's largest marketing conference series, she is the co-founder of Press + Post – an award-winning modern marketing agency with clients across North America. Nothing makes Kelly happier than training organizations big and small to master their online domain, while connecting the top digital tools and trends with the entrepreneurs and innovators who need them most. Her runner up bio is just as great… “buy me dinner and I’ll teach you the secrets to the internet”.

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